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Small and Medium-size Enterprises and Entrepreneurship (PHD.MO.003)

Seminar Aims:

This stream of seminars seeks to empower participants by providing the knowledge, skills and attitudes to do research small and medium-size enterprises and entrepreneurship. It places emphasis on the research aspect of small and medium-size enterprises and individual’s acumen to realize opportunity, assess risk, and apply the skills necessary to transform innovative ideas into viable, sustainable ventures.

The participants will learn the essential skills required to start and manage a successful SME or a new business venture. Topics include: the challenge of entrepreneurship, building a business plan, marketing and financial issues with a start-up or SME company, and how to gain the competitive advantage.

By the end of this stream of seminars, participants should be able to:
  • Describe the entrepreneurial profile and evaluate potential as an entrepreneur
  • Explain the steps the entrepreneur must complete when starting a new business venture
  • Describe the elements of a solid business plan
  • Complete self-analysis of entrepreneurial competencies
  • Describe key business terms demonstrating overall business knowledge
  • Analyze various new business options