CleanTech Assignment

Edgar Dale’s Cone of Experience:

Written report:
The submission is to be typed and should not exceed three-pages, summarizing your strategies and the experiences that your team have learnt. That is to report:
  • Team assignment strategies
  • Team management strategies
  • Summarizes your mistake(s) and how you over come them
  • Lessons learnt from the simulation
  • If you have to redo the assignment again what would you do differently 
The page format: single space, Times New Roman with font 12, and a margin of one inch on each side

Please attach your final company's financial reports in an appendix.

You are expected to have run a grammar and spelling-checking program through the document before it is submitted.  If you do not comply with these basic rules you will receive a penalized mark.

Due Date: 
The project report is due at 11a.m. on Friday of teaching week 16. Assignments are expected to submit in both hard and soft copy to the School of Business Administration’s Faculty Assistant or the lecturer at the Faculty Office.
  • Late work will be penalized at the rate of 10 percentage points per week day. 
  • Students must keep copies of all work submitted.
Simulation Link:

“Fail to prepare, then prepare to fail”