Assignment Deadline Reminder

posted 13 May 2015, 11:05 by Diep Ho
Dear All

Please be reminded that the deadline for:
  1. CleanTech Group assignment--one per group
  2. Business Plan Group assignment--one per group - bonus point will be given if you show proof that you have enter an entrepreneur competition
  3. Peer group participation form--one per student, i.e., every student - please be reminded that you will be penalised if you give everyone in the group the the same score
Are all due 11a.m. on Friday THIS WEEK.  Late work will be penalized at the rate of 10 percentage points per week day. 

Please attach all group member's peer group participation form in an appendix.

You are expected to have run a grammar and spelling-checking program through the document before it is submitted.  If you do not comply with these basic rules you will receive a penalized mark.

Also, note that 4X marketing/sales internship positions are available for summer 2015 to work (and opportunity to start your own company(ies)) with my group of innovative companies:
For those who are interested please send me your CV and a cover letters describing why you want to join us.